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eric-wren replied to your post: probably quitting tumblr

Can we still skype battle, even thou we played once? We should do that more. :)

yes, of course! i haven’t bought any of the new sets but we still can battle. :D


yay ok!! i always wanted to try to talk to you more anyways c:

donthavetofeelsafetofeelunafraid replied to your post: probably quitting tumblr

WHAT okay but we’ll still skype yes?

yes of course bby!!

probably quitting tumblr

just getting bored here, and i don’t have much time or desire to make posts or reblog stuff anymore.

but i do want to keep in touch with the lovelies i’ve met here!

here are my social things. if you haven’t already added me somewhere i would recommend it.

see you~! ;u;!!

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The Powerpuff Girls Ending Theme - By Bis


what to do if you’re thinking of making a negative comment on someone’s appearance:

  • don’t

congratulations you are now fully prepared to be less of a shithead

c’mon canada i have faith in you



So I found who sells these

and they’re amazing and awesome and I NEED THE BLUE ONES AND THE PINK ONES AND ALL OF THESE OKAY 

they have more okay click the source button

These are so cool! It’d be neat to try to make them but I see a lot of potential for getting burned here…